Thirty days life changing challenge.

Why you should take this challenge?

We develop proactive ability to deal with the extraordinary pressure of life in the ordinary events of every day. This is how we commit, how we respond to a client or disobedient child. It’s how we make commitments. This is how we see and focus our energies on our problems. This is our language.

The Thirty days challenge.

Only work on yourself for thirty days. Make and maintain small commitments. A light, not a magistrate. Be a pattern, not a reviewer. Be in the solution, not in the problem. Argue not for the weaknesses of other people. Do not argue for your own. Do not argue for your own. If you make a mistake, admit it, correct it, and immediately learn from it. Don’t enter the mode of blame, accusation. Work on things over which you have control. Work with you. Work with you. How am I getting better. Look at others’ weaknesses with pity, not charge. This is not what they do or ought to do. This is the problem. The question is what you choose to do and how you should respond to this situation. Stop yourself if you begin to think it’s “out there.” The problem is that thought.

We are responsible for our own efficiency, our own happiness and, I would say, for most of our events

“Anyone who knows little about human nature so as to seek happiness by changing nothing but one’s own will, must spend his life in fruitless work, and multiply the grief he proposes to remove.” Samuel Johnson remarked.

To know that we are responsible — “responsible” — is crucial to efficacy and any other habits of efficiency we are talking about.

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